Today, we talk about one kind of toys – building Bricks Toys. Most people just know the famous brand LEGO, But do you know there is 100+ building brick toys brands, and 70% of it is from China Manufacturer.

Below it is 10 TOP building bricks Toys Brands Toys In China Toys Wholesale market.

If you are a toys sourcing manager, this article may help you some how.




Founded in 1932 in Denmark, the world’s leading toy manufacturer, building blocks is a representative product, enjoying the reputation of “century toys” in the industry.

The LEGO Group is now the fourth largest toy manufacturer in the world. It is a family business with more than 5,000 employees worldwide. Approximately 150 designers from 18 countries design different components for all LEGO collections. These series are sold in more than 130 countries.

In 1934, he named the company “LEGO” (Lego), which is the abbreviation of the Danish word “leg godt”, meaning “fun”.

LEGO began making plastic toys in 1947 and was the first company in Denmark to use plastic injection molding machines. By 1951, plastic toys accounted for half of the company’s export toys. The company continued to improve the design between 1949 and 1958, but since 1958, the basic building blocks have remained unchanged.

At present, LEGO bricks are popular all over the world, occupying markets in more than 130 countries. It is estimated that there are more than 300 million children with LEGO bricks. The average annual play-up time is 5 billion hours.

LEGO building Brick-1LEGO building Brick-2

LEGO building Brick-3LEGO building Brick-4





It can be said that GUDI is currently the leader of China domestic building blocks Brand.

Because the material touch feeling, workmanship, luster, tightness, and printing.

more commendable is that GUDI has been steadfast in the original path, and the design is very good.

For example, the “armed assault” series that has been discontinued

Another “Star Hegemony” series, the design is indeed original

There are also some semi-original space shuttle types

GUDI building bricks-2GUDI building bricks-3

GUDI building bricks-4GUDI building bricks-5

GUDI building bricks-6GUDI building bricks-7



COGO logo

COGO Building brick-1COGO Building brick-2

COGO Building brick-3COGO Building brick-4




Their product it is vehicle, product change, small SET and other suits. The brand of domestic building blocks with the quality, color, luster, compatibility and feel that is closest to Lego. The original price is relatively close to the people, but with the deep cooperation with various media, the price of new products is getting higher and higher.

STAR DIAMOND building block-1STAR DIAMOND building block-2

STAR DIAMOND building block-3STAR DIAMOND building block-4

STAR DIAMOND building block-5STAR DIAMOND building block-6




Various sets Building Bricks Brand. Completely independent innovation, and invented a lot of practical domestic parts, took a creative step and brought more possibilities for China domestic players.

The most noteworthy of the Enlightenment is its repair service, which uses dozens of times the price of the parts to make up for the missing parts and missing parts, so that players and distributors have no worries.

ENLIGHTEN building brick-1ENLIGHTEN building brick-2

ENLIGHTEN building brick-3ENLIGHTEN building brick-4

ENLIGHTEN building brick-5ENLIGHTEN building brick-6

ENLIGHTEN building brick-7ENLIGHTEN building brick-8



banbao logo

Various suits. Manufacturers have a unique approach when making decisions. BANBAO’s particle size is consistent with LEGO, but the plates and pellets are slightly thicker than LEGO, and some parts are still compatible. The quality of the building blocks is very good, because there is no other brand to match, so the price is controlled by itself.

banbao building Brick-1banbao building Brick-2

banbao building Brick-3banbao building Brick-4




Product armor and vehicle, the Three Kingdoms series is its special feature. The parts are darker than LEGO, and the bite is tight. Many parts are not easy to separate without professional tools.

SLUBAN building brick- 1SLUBAN building brick- 2

SLUBAN building brick- 3SLUBAN building brick- 4




The new parts are of high quality and have a good touch feel. The position of the feed point of the base brick has been modified several times, indicating that WANGE is constantly exploring its own molds. Now, the round pits on the particles have not been seen. The particles are flat and natural, unlike Lego, but never lost to LEGO.

WANGGE building brick-1WANGGE building brick-2WANGGE building brick-3WANGGE building brick-4


#9 Mega block

Mega block LOGO

The quality of the building blocks is very good, and the early Gundam series touched the hearts of countless cross-border fans. At present, the main aura, Call of Duty, Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, Little Yellow, Barbie and other series, there are many features, and more practical.

Mega block building brick-1Mega block building brick-2

Mega block building brick-3Mega block building brick-4



#10 LOZ

loz logo

LOZ is part of the German company LOZGROUPCO.LIMITED. It was founded in 1998 and has a history of more than 16 years. LOZ products are developed by German designers to develop puzzle products and develop players’ thinking, creation and imagination. It is one of the international building blocks.

LOZ Diamond Block (Dimond Block) is a trend of micro-building blocks, Mini building blocks. The smallest size of the LOZ building block is 4mmX 4mm X 5mm. Small size means more creativity, so LOZ blocks have inspired more and more young people to challenge. Because the building blocks of this size were very rare in the market at that time, models like images, cars, airplanes, robots, buildings, pets, cartoon characters, etc. could be put together into a realistic shape.

LOZ Diamond Block (Dimond Block) is also a DIY self-assembled toy.  It can improve the sense of space, imagination, logic and movement coordination. At the same time, it is challenging to stimulate logical thinking and spatial imagination.

LOZ building brick-1LOZ building brick-2

LOZ building brick-3LOZ building brick-4


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